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The SecretLoveChild Community

The SecretLoveChild community is open to anyone who has their own opinion.

Rather than rehashing old ideas and arguments we are looking for new ways of examining the issues, politics and problems we face today.

We are trying to be controversial for controversy's sake, but we try not to be limited by thinking only inside the box. Not because we are against thinking the box, we like the box, but we recognize that the only way to expand the box, to increase it's boundaries, is to try  and venture outside it.

  At the same time we accept that one never can escape the box. We used to think that we could create a brand new box, but we now believe that what we refer to as 'legacy systems' make this impossible, to all intents and purposes.

The only thing we like more than winning an argument is losing one; we find that we learn more from losing than from winning. So feel free to join us not just because you agree with us but because we want to listen to those who disagree with us.

We each have, through evolution or God's divine plan, two ears but only one mouth. It has been suggested that this may reflect a wise ratio between listening and talking.

We are seeking light rather than heat, so if you would care to illuminate us please feel free to join and contribute.

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