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Privacy Policy

Our Commitment To Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. SecretLoveChild does not sell, rent or otherwise distribute any personal information to third parties, nor would it ever do so without your (i.e. the individual user's) express permission.

The information we collect, name, user name, email and password is solely used to administer the site.

In turn we expect you to keep your user name and password private, and that you only post your own comments and submit articles that you yourself have written.

We do plan on a monthly newsletter and/or announcing new articles via twitter.

We will keep you updated on the newsletter twitter front.

Our site contains no third party advertising trackers, or cookies, not even google's. We may display paid for advertising in the future and will explicitly advise you if this introduces new cookies.

We currently advertise three not-for-profit entities. We do so with links in the right hand column of every page; these links are there to reflect our support for their work and should not be seen as endorsement of SecretLoveChild by these entities.


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