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When It Comes To Sharia Law, Newt Gingrich Is Right

When it comes to Sharia Law in America, I agree with Newt. The idea of having American courts making legal judgments based on Middle Eastern religious texts is beyond the pale. I think the risk this poses to our way of life is so great that I would go so far as to propose a constitutional amendment specifically addressing this.

Such an amendment should ban these religious texts from our Court Houses, ensure that there can never be any requirement or religious test for elected representatives, and explicitly separate the state from religion.

It is a wonder that the Founding Fathers never thought of it.

Except of course that they did (see the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights). What Newt actually means is that only his religion should not be separated from the State, and there we disagree. I understand his fear; what if the Muslim Left becomes as effective as the Christian Right at weakening the constitutional divide between religion and state?

Of course my remedy would be different from his. I would want to reaffirm the First Amendment, reaffirm America’s commitment to secular Government and reaffirm the right of freedom of religion.

What Newt and his brethren have to wake up to is that religious freedom is a gift you can only receive by giving. I am as opposed to the imposition of Sharia law as I am to any other form of religious law, but I recognize that only a secular Government can guarantee true religious freedom.

How does the Government achieve this? By treating all religions equally, no 'Most Favored Theity' status, no preference for one form of Middle Eastern Mono-Theism over another. And most importantly, no seat a the table; not for any of them.

Sharia Law, like the Ten Commandments, may sway voters, and influence legislators, but it has no place in the Courts.

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