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The Audacity Of Hilary

Don't you just hate it when you come up with a great title for an article and then are not quite sure on how to deliver the goods without sounding like a peevish imitation of Maureen Dowd?

The outrage expressed by some Obama supporters is almost amusing. Under normal circumstances they are exactly the sort of group whom one might expect to support a candidate from a significant section of society that has yet to be represented in the White House. Yet now here we are, under dog-versus under-bitch, teeth bared, both trying to go for the jugular, (now that Obama knows what and where a jugular is). With Hilary being portrayed as business as usual conveniently ignoring the potential milestone for equality her election would be.

The tide is moving against her yet she refuses to lie down and accept her fate. Her relentless pursuit of her goal makes one wonder what inspirational books she read, what is for sure, win lose or draw, she has set a new bench mark for determination, grit, pigheadedness, call it what you will that we may well have to wait some time to see repeated.

It is easy to say with hindsight that the answer was, way back when, for the great and the good of the democratic party, to invite the pair of them into a smoke filled room and say to the pair of them how would you like to be the first female/colored POTUS? Having got a pair of yes’s Hilary would have been informed that she would be the Democratic Presidential Nominee with Obama as VP, but for one term only, then Barack would stand with his choice of VP left open.

This should have given the democrats a clear run at 12 years in the White House. But instead we have had a war of attrition that McCain's team could have only dreamt of. Whomever he has to face will, apart from anything else, be so exhausted and drained by the time the convention comes round, that McCain is likely to look rested and full of energy in comparison.

That is an image that will go down well with those who don't actually lower themselves to reading the political coverage, but may occasionally look at the pictures.

I personally think America could use a McCain White House, apart from anything else I have an article I want to write called 'Nightmare on K Street' with McCain playing the role of Freddie. I cannot think of another politician from either camp who would even dream of making the promise to veto any pork laden bill let alone have any intention of honoring such a commitment. Having said that his decision to withdraw form public campaign financing has surprised me and not in a good way, but we will see.

But back to our audacious Hilary, I'm not sure she would make a great president, but I doubt she 'd be atrocious. Obama, on the other hand, strikes me as being too much in the Jimmy Carter mold, but without the experience of governing a state.

4 years in the VP office, recently enlarged by my good friend Dick, would have been great preparation for taking over the hottest seat America has to offer. Having said that I imagine he's learnt a thing or two about toughening up courtesy of the patented Clinton tenderizing machine. Time, as they say, will tell. Until then I find myself in the unexpected position of yelling "go girl' from the sidelines.

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