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When It Comes To Sharia Law, Newt Gingrich Is Right

When it comes to Sharia Law in America, I agree with Newt. The idea of having American courts making legal judgments based on Middle Eastern religious texts is beyond the pale. I think the risk this poses to our way of life is so great that I would go so far as to propose a constitutional amendment specifically addressing this.

Such an amendment should ban these religious texts from our Court Houses, ensure that there can never be any requirement or religious test for elected representatives, and explicitly separate the state from religion.

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Can He Be Popular Without Being Populist?

So I was wrong.

I thought President Obama  was going to become wildly unpopular because he couldn’t get stuff done, that he was too idealistic, too naïve to cut the kind of deals that have to be cut to achieve your ends in a democracy. Obama The Musical

He cut the deals that needed to be cut, appeased those that needed to be appeased and passed Health Care reform. He rode roughshod over bond-holders rights to force through the survival of GM and Detroit. The US Army is no longer a fighting force in Iraq. He pushed thru the stimulus package, and extended unemployment coverage. He appointed a new Supreme Court Justice…

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Municipally Acknowledged Rights & Responsibilities In A Gay Environment

At the risk of being labeled a bigot, I am getting really bored with the quagmire into which the whole Gay Marriage debate seems to have fallen.

To some Marriage is a union defined by Statute and Common Law, to others it is a Sacrament sanctioned by God and recognized in Heaven. I'm guessing that to the majority it is a bit of both.

Activists on both sides of the debate are seeking to blur these lines in an attempt to win an argument that is ultimately unwinnable.

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The New World Order - It doesn't need to exist to do harm

I recently had a meeting with a potential business partner that was as fruitless as it was illuminating. It rapidly became obvious that we had no coinciding self interest and thus there was no deal to be done. Even if there had been the necessary mutual self interest I doubt that we could have reached an accommodation because we each believed the other to be naïve and easily manipulated.

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Can Torture Save American Lives?

Can torture save American lives? Yes. But so can many things such as universal health coverage or allowing members of the public to buy a new wonder drug prior to FDA approval. The question that needs to be asked is "at what cost?". Can torture ever be the right thing to do? Yes. Should it be legal? No.

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