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The Atheist’s Foxhole

I was watching Christopher Hitchens being interviewed By Charlie Rose on Bloomberg the other day.  Hitchens had recently been diagnosed with esophageal cancer, and the prognosis was not good (British understatement). The conversation turned to an assumption that Hitchens’, author of ‘God is not Great’ and renowned atheist, may be reconsidering his position vis à vis God on the basis that there are no atheists in foxholes.

Hitchens refuted not that only that he was reconsidering his position, but also the premise that there are no atheists in foxholes. He asserted that this was a sentiment spread by religious people about atheists, suggesting atheists automatically sought refuge in the loving arms of the Lord when normal life is interrupted by the scary and potentially fatal consequences of unpleasant bombshells raining down

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The Unintentional Evils Of Political Correctness

A little strong, you think? Sure the PC brigade may be irritating at times, occasionally inconvenient and often faintly ridiculous, but evil, that's pushing it.

Political Correctness has become a way of life in most of the Western world. The PC brigade are often considered irritating, occasionally inconvenient, and now and again quite amusing, so it may seem a little harsh to be linking them to evils.

The key word here is unintentional.

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Nietzsche’s Bridge to Nowhere

Or Thus I Answered Zarathustra

Firstly may I apologize for the tardiness of my reply, but I wasn’t born for nearly 100 years after you spoke, and even after that auspicious event it took me a while to get round to reading you.

I’m not normally a fan of New Age drivel but I have to say I really enjoyed reading Thus Spoke Zarathustra

(to be precise I actually read Adrian Del Caro’s English translation), your turn of phrase was fantastic, I particularly loved ‘in the mountains the shortest distance is from peak to peak, but for that one needs long legs’, it conveys so much.

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