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Israeli Palestinian Population Collision Course

You could be forgiven for wondering, as once again we approach another new round of Middle East peace talks in an attempt to find a lasting resolution to this 60 year old conflict, why this piece is in the population section as opposed to straightforward International analysis.

The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is one that most of have grown up with. It is a fact of life. One of those things, like starvation in Africa, or floods in Bangladesh; it’s just what happens in that part of the world. Population pressure may not have been directly responsible for the creation of the problem, but it is certainly a major barrier to any peaceful solution..

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President Putin's Other Legacy

Eight Million Missing Children

Vladimir Putin, often heralded as the ‘Savior of Russia’, credited with bringing an end to chaos, reviving the economy (average GDP growth during his tenure 7%), and restoring Russian national pride, has another less vaunted claim to fame; in the eight years he presided over Russia the number of 0-19 year olds fell from 38 million to 30 million, a loss of 8 million children, that's 1 million less children every year.

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China, North Korea, And The USA

Who's Using Whom (and for what)?

Just imagine, for a moment, that you are Chinese. Not only are you Chinese but you also happen to be a very senior diplomat in the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs; your specific responsibility being North Korea. Imagine further that you have just pulled of the diplomatic coup of your life; in return for China’s continued aid for the DPRK, you have persuaded North Korea to give up its missile and nuclear weapon development, allowing full access to International arms inspectors and negotiated a re-signing of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Signed agreements safely in hand, you hustle back from Pyongyang on your government plane to receive the plaudits of your peers and masters back in Beijing. Reclining in your executive seat you loosen your tie, remove your shoes and order a drink. Your aides, in awe of your accomplishment, leave you in splendid isolation to revel in your glory. The steward brings you your drink and hastily departs, avoiding eye contact. Your feet, you notice, are suddenly cold.

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The Rock and the Hard Place

This is the first in a new series of articles examining the impact of population pressure and climate change and addressing the issue of why we are so focused on the latter and ignore the former despite population pressure being a far greater problem than climate change.

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A Beautiful Mind In An Ugly World

When John Nash wrote his doctoral thesis on non-cooperative game theory, little did he know that he would later become the subject of a Hollywood Movie and win the Nobel Prize, nor did he know that this theory would go to on to become the basis for international negotiations on Trade and the Environment.

The theory explains how to arrive at the mutually best as well as the mutually least worst scenarios when two or more subjects are competing to maximize their own positions.

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