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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you really the secret love child of Michael Moore and Ann Coulter

A. Of course I am, and by the way, I have a bridge to sell you...

Q. Were you breast fed?

A. Were you? This is exactly the kind of question that caused us to introduce email verification for guest comments.

Q. Where did you go to school?

A. Now that's a much better question, unfortunately there is no good answer.

Q. Is SecretLoveChild a not-for-profit venture?

A. We fall into a similar category as General Motors, we'd like to make a profit but we're not sure how.

Q. Does this mean you've been made bankrupt, have screwed your bond holders, laid of thousands of workers and frittered away a valuable brand name through lazy, indolent management?

A. No. SecretLoveChild has used lazy indolent management to much less harmful effect.

Q. How do I publish an article on SecretLoveChild?

A. After you have registered and posted 5 on topic comments you will be sent an email containing details on how to submit an article.

Q.How do you decide which articles to publish?

A. Our editorial approach is similar to that used in wine tasting - but without the spitting. Each article is sent to a randomly assigned group of reviewers from our editorial panel. The details of the author is withheld form the reviewers. Those articles that a majority of reviewers like will get published.

Q. How do I get to join your editorial panel?

A. Everybody who gets three articles accepted for publication will be invited to join the Editorial Panel.

Q. I'm rich and famous and have a Nobel prize, can I get my article published on SecretLoveChild?

A. Sure. After you have registered and posted 5 on-topic comments you will be sent an email containing details on how to submit an article. Your article will then be reviewed in the usual fashion by the editorial panel.

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