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Schrödinger's Crash

As we watch the market turmoil engulfing global borses, we see a battle between two scenarios. Scenario 1, the euro survives, Scenario 2, the euro collapses; only one of these events can occur in any given time span. Depending on one’s view, equities are either ridiculously undervalued, or, we are about to undergo the worst economic slowdown in over a century.

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Bear Run Signals European Conflict Over States Rights

A year short of a century and a half ago the United States of America began its bloody debate over whether the whole was greater than the sum of the parts, and thus an otherwise unknown stream in Manassas, Virginia entered into history. The name of that stream – Bull Run.

Europe is on the verge of a similarly momentous debate regarding the relationship between its individual member States and its central institutions. This time it may be a Bear Run that ushers it in.

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Limited Liability Corporations - A Short History of a Most Unnatural Creation

Or 'Where Do Hedge Funds Come From?'

Have you ever given a thought as to the origins of the limited liability joint stock company? They are not a naturally occurring phenomenon but were the artificial creation of a 19th Century British politician shortly before the civil war.

His name was Robert Lowe and he used to be the Vice President of the Board of Trade. But before we get to Mr Lowe playing Frankenstein, first a little bit of corporate history (bear with me, it’s relevant).

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Beware The Imaginative Bean Counter

Or 'Perverting The Fractional Reserve Banking System'

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, bean counting was considered boring; Bean Counters themselves were, by very definition, boring, and known for their lack of imagination.

Sure there was more to it than just counting beans; people with beans could lend beans to people who had no beans so that they could plant these beans, thereby growing additional beans, enabling the borrower to pay back the lender the original beans plus some extra beans in payment for the loan of the beans.

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