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So you think you're a Na'vi?

So you think you're a Na'viI walked out of Avatar with a smile on my face thinking ‘Fantasia meets ‘Apocalypse Now’ but what a trite story. I loved Colonel Kilgore, sorry that should be Quaritch; when he fire bombed the big tree after gassing it, I actually heard a voice in my head say “I love the smell of Napalm in the morning”.

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The Dawkins Delusion

Let me start off with a personal note: 'The Selfish Gene' was in great part responsible for establishing me on the path of questioning how the existence of life on earth came to be, although even when I first read 'The Selfish Gene' I recall thinking that Dawkins 'He writes of science with a religious fervor'. It is this side of Dawkins that has been given free rein in 'The God Delusion'.

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